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DrKnock3rs's Qualifier

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IMPORTANT PLEASE READ About 33mins into the attempt (27:20 on the clock) I realized that I forgot to disable the no rocket screen game genie code and only after that point was it disabled. Normally I imagine this would not play a large factor, however in this particular attempt my best game was started with 27s left on the clock. By my count I skipped 7 rocket screens each taking ~6s which would have taken ~36s That being said, I likely wouldn't have tried to recover the misdrop in my penultimate game (01:07 on the clock) if I in fact had less time to start my last game. That cost me approximately 25s Personally I do not think that my last game should count here, but I'll leave it up to whoever reads this. If my last game doesn't count then the top two scores should be amended to: 533700, 533460 Anyways this was an absolutely dismal qualifier for me :\