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Tetris gym



TetrisGYM is a modification of NES Tetris.

While originally based on the NTSC version of the game, the patched ROM supports PAL and NTSC gameplay types.

Some trainers have additional configuration values; use left and right in the main menu to change them.

Like in the original ROM, holding a b select and then pressing start will end gameplay and return to the menu screens.

This hack effectively changes the framerate of the NES, which allows for some very interesting speed options for Tetris.

This hack converted Tetris from MMC1 to MMC3 to take advantage of its *scanline counter*, which lets it schedule polls at arbitrary intervals with remarkable precision. To help facilitate this, the code was optimized by a factor of 3, now spending less than 10 percent of a frame actually executing logic compared to the original 30 percent.

Currently it can divide the frame into 6 equal parts without running into issues, which allows for plenty of speeds to experiment with, like 72hz (6/5), 100hz (5/3), and even 360hz (6/1) if you’re feeling adventurous.



XNAOOK – No score cap

NYIPEX – Skip rocket sequence

OPIPEX – Only get the rocket sequence if you max-out the score

GPTEPG – A+Start = begin an additional 10 levels higher (20 levels higher)

SXTOKL – Game transitions every 10 lines regardless of starting level

ASAPKG TEEPSK – Fix crash, remove score cap


ZESAKPAE – DAS always charged

IEKEOPAO – Faster auto-shift, every three frames

TEKEOPAO – Faster auto-shift, every four frames

YEKEOPAO – Faster auto-shift, every five frames

TKKEOPAP – Slower auto-shift, every second

SXKAKPVT – No auto-shift, must tap to move


TEVOAIIZ TGEPPVEZ – Replaces level counter with DAS charge


XZNASPVZ LPNAVPGG – Forces the pieces to drop at Level 19 speeds

LANAKPPA ZPNEEOIP EPNEOPEL – Pieces fall at Level 18 speed until Level 29

TVLOVA – Every piece above level 9 has a delay at the top.

OKEAKPAO – Pieces don’t fall at all, unless you press down.

PASAUPPE – Super fast down press

PGNAVPGG PANEEOIP ZEEEVPAU – Makes pieces fall similar to how they fall on SNES levels 29-31

LANAKPPA ZPNEEOIP – Speed never increases past 18 speed regardless of level

ZANAKPPA – No killscreen, level 29+ continues on 19 speed


APSEGYIZ – 10 Lines for “Success” on b-type

AISEGYIZ – 50 Lines for “Success” on b-type

EASEGYIZ – 80 Lines for “Success” on b-type

VLEAKAYO – Turn B-Type into cheese race (1 hole per layer)






PAKVLZAA SYSTAXKP – Unused/hidden music

SXNEUOSE – Disable shift piece left sound

SXVAVOSE – Disable shift piece right sound

SXKEOESE – Disable rotate piece clockwise sound

SXVAUESE – Disable rotate piece counter-clockwise sound

SXNONXSE – Disable piece lock sound

SXOOUXSE – Disable line clear sound

SXNPXUSE – Disable level up sound

SXNPXXSE SXOPIVSE – Disable tetris sound

SGSVSKNY XYSVVKNY – Add a basic drum line to Music C

AAZPOI – Always play fast music



ATEEXZSZ – Pieces are invisible until they hit the stack

IZVOXAIA TZVOUALP – Replaces level 7 colors with a pink and orange palette

LPVOUALO GPVOXAIE – Replaces level 7 colors with a blue and green palette

IPVOXAIA – Changes level 7 red to pink

TPNPGVYL – No flash on Tetrises

TOUZYLTO – Still show screen when paused

AUNXOGTP – Color statistics numbers white

YPEOOAGT – Random Colors

PPTEKU APTENU APYAXL – Converts bottom 3 minos of a longbar to “POG”


EYTZAG – Press Start to skip copyright screen straight away

EYTZAG  PALEGZ – Auto-skip copyright screen

PAZPUT – A+B+Start+Select returns to title screen (PAZOOT PAL)

LAZPUT – A+B+Start+Select returns to level select (LAZOOT PAL)


TAOPOPYA APOPXPEY – Much fewer I pieces

TAXOUPYA TAUPEPYA – Slightly fewer I pieces

Both together: No I pieces

PAUPEPYA – Extra longbars


SXVPKASA – Play a game where every piece is the same

OZPOEO ZAPOOO – 90% O pieces



TEPPOZ – Lines don’t clear

AEPPOZ – Every piece placed scores a tetris and clears the lines

GEOONGAA – Every piece placed scores a tetris but lines clear normally

PENPAYGA AENOAYIA – All lines clear instantly

Two-Player Codes:

ZAUAPPPA – Forces game into 2-player mode

VUKEILXX – Split screen 2 player mode

ENEALYNN – Controller 1 controls flip, Controller 2 controller controls left/right

VNUASASL VNSAEASL – Tetris Mind Meld (P1 controls movement, P2 controls rotation)


KIPPPI – Visually destroys game

TAVXKIGA – Changes Howard’s name to Howarf

LATZNI – Coward

GAOGAO – Puts a C in the border of the statistics box

ZUPPPI – A lot of weird stuff that involves the line count

ZATEVL ZAYEKL – Split longbars

TATTOO – Messes with music (try PATTOP for similar effect)

SEZTUP – The board can move when you place a piece; music is weird

SPOONG – Warps to a random level when you push down

OOPAUX – Very weird


EPAOKA – Fix Colors past Level 138

KUYPZS EXYPLI – Fix level counter up to 49


XVVOVLVV – Disables level transitions

GAOPEILA GGOPSZEN YGOPVZAL XPOPNZSX – Never die (Press Start on top-out to reset board)

ZESEXPPA PEVENPZA – Flip Left/Right ingame (goofy foot-ish)

XVLEKE NVIEEE – Flips A/B ingame

PAPPPT – Score does not show during the game

AEXASAPA NXXANENI – Restart game by pressing select

OXXAKEPK ZOXASAPA ZVXANENI – Change current piece to longbar by pressing select

OXYOUO NVYOKO – Pieces are deleted upon touching the ground

AEPXLL – disable pause

NYPOOV – disable A+B+Start+Select

XVLEKE – both buttons rotate left, Sega Tetris style

YAAAAS – Down button can select up to Level 19

LOGAAG – Right button can select up to Level 19


:S27: Permanent Game Genie Tool :S27:
Does what it says… Patch and never worry about punching in letters again! Side note: Game Genie codes generally work on both PAL and NTSC versions of Tetris. An exception to this is the PAL 3-in-1 cart with Tetris, Mario, and World Cup. For this particular cart, all codes must be modified to work with it. Using this site, input the original code, take the address and subtract 3 (in hexadecimal) and hit return to get a new code that will work. One last thing; it’s not a hack but it’s definitely a useful tool: 

:S05: fridaywitch’s DAS Guide :S05:
An 8-page guide that explains DAS in such a way that should be easy to understand. DAS Guide 

:S21: E_flat’s Tetris Block Tool :S21:
With the Block Tool, you can draw specific boards with editable next piece, score, and statistics. Use the Block Tool to describe situations you just can’t put into words! With the Board Tool, you can generate and draw on random boards with a current piece and next piece. Use the Board Tool to practice stacking by finding the best moves with the pieces you get! 


We’ve compiled a list of most patches and game genie codes released for NES Tetris. Patches mostly come in .ips files; to use these, you’ll need to patch your legally-acquired Tetris game using one of these programs:

:W12: Floating IPS (Windows & Linux)

:W12: Rom Patching JS

:W14: MultiPatch (Mac)

Patching a game file overwrites it! Make a copy first!
Firstly, some hacks by fridaywitch, jazzthief81, and Trey Harrison:

:S21: fridaywitch’s Practice Tool and Randomizer :S21:
Lets you modify RNG, fall speed, lift maxout cap, and many other things. Great for practicing or randomizer shenanigans! Tetris Practice Tool

:S29: fridaywitch’s Color Picker :S29:
You having a hard time reading 16 or 17? Just sick of 14 looking like an awkward Christmas? Pick your own colors. Randomize them if you want.

:S27: jazzthief81’s DAS Trainer :S27:
Want to see how consistent you are with keeping DAS? See how many yellow and green hearts you grab! Green is perfect DAS, Yellow is good DAS. Red is poor DAS and X is no DAS.

:S16: jazzthief81’s Statistics Mod :S16:
Shows single/double/triple/tetris/drought counters instead of statistics.

:S14: jazzthief81’s Controller Input Display :S14:
Shows controller input underneath level display.

:S13: jazzthief81’s Korobeiniki Music Hack :S13:
Replaces Music-1 with the Game Boy version of Korobeiniki (Music-A). Korobeiniki Music Hack
:S12: jazzthief81’s Tetris Metrics Mod :S12:
Gives you a plethora of board statistics rather than boring old piece counts. Tetris Metrics

:S22: Trey Harrison’s Ludicrous Speed Mod :S22:
This mode combines faster and fully charged DAS and the ability to play on level 29. It’s like being the world’s greatest hypertapper, without any of the sweat. Ludicrous Speed

:S2B: fridaywitch’s CTM Commemorative Hacks :S2B:
Graphical hacks released in the style of various early CTMs
CTM Dec 2017CTM Jan 2018 | CTM Feb 2018

:S29: ejona’s TAUS (Tetris Actually Useful Statistics) :S29:
Adds tetris rate, efficiency, drought, burns, transition score, and draws a nice graph at the end of the game.

:S21: Kirjava’s Tetris Level Colors :S21:
Adjust the colors of each level!

These next hacks can all be found HERE

:W16: Kirby703’s 7 Bag RNG :W16:
Get much friendlier modern RNG, where you get one of each piece for every 7 pieces.

:W15: HydrantDude’s Fixed RNG :W15:
Want to mitigate the RNG factor in your matches? Grab this hack and set the same seed for both players. Instructions are included in the folder.

:W14:Josh Tolles’ Maxout Trainer :W14:
Start games with a maxout-pace score at 110-120 lines. A rough approximation I made of the hack Josh later released himself.

:W13: HydrantDude’s Joke Hacks :W13:
-Appearance Hack: Changes the in-game block texture and swaps around menu letters.
-PressUp: When up is held, gravity pulls upwards.
-FrenchTetris: Translates the game to French

:W12: HydrantDude’s Practice Map Loader :W12:
Want to practice a specific spin or tuck? Grab this hack and start B-type games with a custom board pattern!

:W2B: HydrantDude’s Quality-Of-Life Mods :W2B:
-NoDemoNoLegal: Removes Demo and Legal screens. Recommended for Fixed RNG.
-Skip Rocket Screen: Exactly what it says.
-White Statistics Numbers: Exactly what it says. Helpful for running OCR on stats.
-Goofy Foot: Inverts all inputs so an upside-down controller works like Goofy Foot.
-(by ejona) Empty Scoreboard: Clears away Howard, Otasan, and Lance.

:W1A: Kirby703’s T-Spin Mod :W1A:
T-spin 0 = 500, T-Spin Single = 1000, T-Spin Double = 2000

:W12: HydrantDude’s 7 Digit Score Mod :W12:
Instead of using XNEOOGEX, just add another digit! 6to7digit starts with 6 digits and switches over upon a maxout.

:W13: HydrantDude’s Tetris Rate Mod :W13:
Adds display for percentage of lines cleared with Tetrises.

:W14: HydrantDude’s Tapping Speed Mod :W14:
Not sure how fast you are? Look no further than this hack!

:W15: HydrantDude’s Minimal Tetris Mod :W15:
Strips tetris of score, statistics, level, level ups, and lines. Just you, the board, and the next piece.

:W16: ejona’s Select Hidden Score :W16:
Getting :monka: when your score is too high? Press select and turn it off!

:W14: Fractal161’s Piece Percentages :W14:
Instead of the total number of each piece, check out the percentage of the total number of pieces each tetromino accounts for.

:W13: Kirjava’s T-spin Trainer :W13:
Get an infinite supply of T-spin setups and T pieces to hone your skills.

:W12: Josh Tolles’ Hard Drop Mod :W12:
If soft-dropping is too slow for you, grab this hack for hard drops and go for the NES sprint WR.

:W13: Kirjava’s Tetris Gym :W13:
The most comprehensive hack in NES tetris – practice quicktaps, stacking, spins, droughts, pace, and more!

:S00: Grey Background :S00:
Replace the blocks with solid grey for a cleaner look!

:W14: Kirjava’s CTWC patch :W14:
Play with an unofficial release of the official CTWC carts!

:W16: CAndiman’s NES Tetris Practice Mod :W16:Includes statistic mod, input display, and Tetris rate and looks like CTWC!