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CT DAS Real Tournament

CT DAS Real Tournament

People of Tetris!

It is of great pleasure for me to announce that CTM is partnering with CTDAS for the 2nd Real Tournament! That’s right, the supposed ‘one-off’ event that I made last year was such a successful event, that I decided that it should instead be run yearly!

So what is CTDAS all about? It is of course a DAS event, but organised with the emphasis of it being a pretty serious tournament, focused mainly on the players. With it being a 64 player bracket, a wide range of players have a shot of victory! You might be thinking whether it would be exciting to watch? Absolutely! Last year was frankly insane. If you haven’t already, you should at least watch the 3rd place and Finals match for the 1st Real Tournament. Consider that my resume for why you should be interested. If you want to participate, then quals are already open!

All information relevant to the event will be on this discord server (please read the tournament rules!): You may also find the qualifying page on the CTM website:

As with last year, this event also has a prize pool! If you’d like to see elite DAS players potentially winning some Tetris cash, then head on over here:

CTDAS had the pleasure of having some seriously cracked players taking part last year. They broke some competitive DAS WR’s at the time! Let’s make it happen again. May the best :lovedas: player win.