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Mega Masters Championship 2023!


The largest online tournament is about to begin…

Mega Masters returns LARGER than last year. Qualifying players will compete in a 64+ player Single Elimination tournament with at least 64 players. But, if you keep maxing, we will expand and create an opening weekend. You wanted it to be bigger, so here we go! Summary of rules below.


– Qualifying open until March 31st in your time zone:

– Average of your top 3 representative scores. No smurfing

– 90 minutes with an optional 10 minute break (pause your timer)

– Handcam required

– Level 39 Halt, No Tetris Gym required

– Semis and winners rule for ME to HC suspended for April.

– No maxout left behind. Maxout once and you’re in


– Tetris Gym Tournament Edition Required. If you need help patching your ROM, reach out to EricICX in the states, Allenbot in Asia, or Gunter in the EU.

– Level 39 Double Killscreen


– Cam should include both hands and face.

– Bo5, no cheating, NES tetris, etc.


Round 0: April 1st-2nd

Top 64 and 32 with 16 brackets scheduled with players: April 3-28

Top 16: Saturday April 29

Top 8: Sunday April 30

No Maxout Left Behind:

No Maxout Left Behind is the unofficial turned official declaration that everyone who maxes out in quals is worthy of participating in the Masters Event. The policy was discontinued in June 2020 after players improved in skill, stretching the tournament and stream to unseen lengths. The last seed in the last no maxout left behind Masters was Fractal161, who won the first Mega Masters in April 2022. So we’re bringing it back!