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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify for CTM?
Create a stencil scene, then head over to Keep in mind that CTM regularly changes qualifying format, so if you’ve not qualified for a couple of months the format may be different than what you’re used to.
Is playing on an emulator allowed?
Yes, all types of emulators and clone consoles are allowed as long as they accurately recreates the game.
When does qualifying end?
Qualifying ends at midnight the last day of the month based on your local time zone.
What is the stencil?
The stencil helps the restremers line up your Tetris play field with their scene. Download it here:
How many times can I qualify?
You can only qualify once per month.
How do I become a restreamer?
Go to Discord channel #roles to receive the Restreamer role. Alternatively you can ask any moderator and we will help you.
How do I set up a restreaming scene?
There is many ways to set the scene up. But for an example, here is a tutorial of how vandweller does it: 

What Do Those Discord Roles Mean?