Classic Tetris Monthly Rules and Guidelines


Classic Tetris Monthly is a series of tournaments based on the Tetris game published by Nintendo and released in North America for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989. Players compete in a single-elimination tournament with emulators or consoles with the unmodified game or any of the approved ROMs. Any controller/device is allowed so long as there is one button per input and no turbo functions. Competitors of all ages may compete. However, local laws may restrict monetary rewards to certain age groups. CTM will follow local guidelines when rewarding cash prizes.

ROMs, Hardware, Controllers, Game Genie Codes, and Emulators Guide

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Approved NTSC ROMs

Approved Hardware & Consoles


Preferred Game Genie Codes for Competition

Preferred Emulators

Banned Emulators







CTM is not draconian nor are these guidelines permanent. If you find room for improvement or have questions, reach out to the Tournament staff. Have fun!