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Classic Tetris Tournament Servers

Classic Tetris Monthly – Home of the longest-running online Classic NES Tetris Tournaments. Tournaments for all skill levels!

CTWC – Official discord server for the Classic Tetris World Championship.

Classic Tetris League – Competitive Tetris at its highest levels! A true eSports league with seasons and divisions as the best players in the world play for the prestigious CTL Championship!

Tetris for the Non-Pros – Looking to play your first Classic Tetris match? Our server hosts tournaments for people with PBs below 1 million points.

Classic Tetris Brawl – Hosts the quarterly Brawl Championship. If you want it keep track of when Brawl events are happening or qualify, you can join here! Run by dogplayingtetris.

AnyTourney – Weekly tournaments featuring unorthodox rules and unique game modes. Hosted by HydrantDude8.

Classic Tetris Gauntlet – An intense event featuring 8 teams lead by 8 formidable captains. Matches consist of 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 with players around the same skill levels going against each other. You won’t want to miss it!

Tetris Friendlies – Weekly classic Tetris action with a wrestling style vibe for all skill levels to play! Elo and Non-Elo events hosted daily!

Classic Tetris Wars – 8 players simultaneously play Tetris against each other with hype commentary! Features Battle Royals, Consistency Duels, PB Chasedowns, 4v4 team clashes and 2v2v2v2 pairs showdowns! Hell yea!

Gameboy Tetris – Home of the Game Boy Tetris family. We make tournaments every two months!

Lol Pog Series – home of PAL DAS. You need to train more.

Personal Servers

Four Block – fractal161’s personal discord server. featuring romhacks, pbs, and pain.

Scout n Gal’s Server – Official discord server for NES Tetris content creator aGameScout.

RookoutRogue – Matt Martin’s discord server, featuring Tetris, exercise, and art!

ansel’s secret lab – Tetrisfish is a video processing and tetris analysis engine that utilizes StackRabbit to give you a comprehensive analysis on your stacking placements!

Sodium’s Overdose – Official discord server for SodiumOverdose! (edited)

MylesTheGreat – Personal server of Myles. Discussions of streams and Tetris expected but not required.

Sidnev’s Eve-il Lair – pls add my server too

Countries & Communities

Classic Tetris LATAM – Are you from Latin America? Join our server, we host monthly events for every skill level!

Classic Tetris BeNeLux – The official Discord server of Classic Tetris BeNeLux. The main server for all players from Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Classic Tetris Germany – Server of German speaking community in Classic Tetris. Organizes regional live and online events. Their main online league is open for citizens and residents of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein or other neighbouring countries of Germany that don’t have their own league.

Classic Tetris France✨ – Serveur francais de classic tetris pour NTSC principalement. Honk Honk baguette. Masterclass akhy.

Classic Tetris Asia – Asian NES Tetris community.

Classic Tetris Iberia – Iberia’s main hub for players from Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar. We host tournaments every year, and hold the CTWC Iberian Qualifier. Come meet some other player, or just chill.

Classic Tetris Polska – Server of Polish community in Classic Tetris. Organizes regional live and online events. Their main online league is open for citizens and residents off the Baltic States, Vysehrad Group and Ukraine.

Events & Other

MaxoutClub – Official server for Trey Harrison’s online matchmaking software.

Classic Tetris AI – Server dedicated to bots that play tetris well.

Tetris NYC (Stew York City) – Stew York City stemmed off from the NubbinsGoody discord, originally for fans of Jonas Neubauer in the New York City area, but is now open to all fans of NES Tetris who want to come to meetups in NYC.

Cursed Tetris League – We take NES Tetris and ruin it in ways you never could have imagined.

Minnesota Puzzle League – With competitive play of your Favorite Puzzle Games and more, Join the Minnesota Puzzle League Discord Server!

Midwest Classic Tetris – A hub for players from the Midwest region of the US. We organize several events every year, including the CTWC Illinois regional.

NTSC DAS Server – All things DAS.

NTSC Tap Server – This server shows you everything about tapping, what grips are used, what highscores were achieved, also lets you participate in tap-only tournaments.

NTSC Roll Server – Everything about the playstyle that changed NES Tetris and allows players to achieve insanely high scores which aren’t possible with DAS or tap.

No-Rotation Nestris Server – All things relating to No-Ro!

DAS Tetris Monthly – This is the server of a NES Tetris Monthly tournament where only the DAS playstyle is allowed. It’s for all skill levels. There are cash prizes for the top 4 of the highest bracket.

beepomonk – Do you like NES Tetris? Do you like Ryan Amburgy’s signature emote? Whether you’re here for memes or Tetris, we have something for you. We host all kinds of weird tournaments like no next box and 15 hz DAS, with much more to come.

Piece Dependency Podcast – The official PDP Discord server. Get notified on all things PDP. From the monthly podcasts to the daily clip uploads.
See this server as the hub for PDP but also the library where old PDP content is.

NES Tetris Pushdown Only – A community for people who like to avoid clearing lines in their line clearing game