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The CT 12 tournament brings you the best level 12 matches ever before seen in the history of the world.



Level 12 starts only, 60 minutes, Top score only. Qualifying open throughout November in your local time zone.

There is a level 36 linecap for both Qualifying and the Tournament! The default will be halt in quals and competition, but if both players agree to super killscreen, that may be enabled. 

Qualify here


The top qualifiers will compete in 12-player single elimination tournaments: Division 1 through however many necessary. Matches are best-of-three, level 12 starts only. This is an officially sanctioned Elo event.

The finals of Division 2 and 3 (and potentially more) as well as the semifinals and finals of Division 1 will be streamed to MonthlyTetris! These two broadcasts will be scheduled with the players. The remaining matches will be community restreamed in order to share the love of level 12 with all.

The tournament will launch when all qualifiers are verified. For Division 2 and 3, all matches but the finals are due by January 2nd. For Division 1, all but the semifinals are due by January 2nd. For Division 4 and 5, aim to complete by mid-January, 1 match a week or two.